Landscape Study, June 20th

Landscape Study, June 20th

June 20, 2019
490mm x 390mm
Acrylic on Canvas

The goal here is to get looser with the way in which I lay down the paint – get the paint strokes to become more expressive. When you take the thinking side of the head out of it, the results, I think, become much more.

A detail of the landscape study painting focusing on brush work.

Above is a closer work of the brush strokes – as far as this image will take me (I’ll use a better camera, next time!) What I really like about certain painter’s work is that when you get up close to their work, it sort of falls apart into what seems to be a diversity of marks. I’d like to get there, too.

Also worked on reducing the palette a bit to try and break away from painting what I think should be there and work on painting what actually is there. You can easily fall into “I know there’s trees there. Trees are green. Therefore this must be green.” That thinking can hamstring a good piece.