Landscape painting oil on canvas

Recombining Techniques

Landscape painting, Oil on Canvas, 240mm x 190mm

What i find a little intriguing in painting and drawing is focusing on a specific technique for a bit and then returning to how I was doing things before. This landscape painting is one of those ‘returning’ sorts for me.

After spending a little time researching how tonalists create landscapes and then practicing what I think I’ve learned about the process, it seem as though subconsciously one brings little details of things learned on those tangents with them when they return to how they were doing things.

In this painting, I think those little tonal details manifest themselves in the clouds. While a lot of the details in the work is more gestural and direct, like the foreground and the details of the sky above it, large portions of the rest of the sky are much more atmospheric in execution. While not 100% tonalist in style, it seems to me that there’s a common sort of foundation there. I think the combination is an exciting vector going forward.