Large landscape drawing detail

Drawing Even Larger

Large scale landscape drawing
Landscape Drawing, 1050mm x 530mm, Charcoal on paper

I think I mentioned previously that I was inspired by some large drawings I saw in a gallery in Fargo, ND. I’m working on scaling up my drawings to chase that inspiration.

This landscape drawing is the next step up in size. It’s about 44in x 21in in scale. It may not seem like it posted here, but it’s a pretty large drawing. I’m not sure a stock frame is available to fit it.

In terms of actually creating the work, this seems to be the start of where technique really starts to change to fit the scaling. Things I would normally do with some small movements turn into large swaths of canvas that need to be worked on. It causes the need to focus on areas more than you would on anything smaller. Motions and marks need also be considered much more.

Large landscape drawing detail
A detail of the large landscape drawing

Yet, even cropping out a portion of the larger drawing still yields an acceptable effort by itself. It may seem like the process is a sort of fractal in nature, it’s really not so in construction. It’s only easy to think about when it’s done.

All in all, I think it’s a good first go at the larger scale. It’s been a very interesting process to work at this scale. I’ve learned a lot just in this drawing, although when going back to smaller scales, the education doesn’t seem to translate. Working at this scale is its own process.