Pushing Tonal

Pushing Tonal

Landscape painting, Oil on Canvas, 240mm x 190mm

This is me, pushing the blending a lot further than I ever have before. It’s also a study in what can be done with a direct painting method, as well as the brushes I have at the moment.

Personally, I think this landscape painting is amazingly successful. Particularly, I find real excitement about how the lower left corner of the work turned out. I think there’s a lot of allegory there.

Detail of the lower left of the landscape painting

The process seems to reward extraordinarily finely considered brush strokes. From what I’ve seen from other tonalists, this thinking would be a big departure from the norm. Still, I think there’s something there to explore and the idea of placing as much value on each brush stroke is an exciting challenge. I’ll have to keep time available to continue pushing my painting technique in this manner to see where it goes.