Playing with Knowing When to Stop

Playing with Knowing When to Stop

Abstract Landscape drawing
Abstract landscape drawing, 330mm, x 260mm, Charcoal on Paper

Back in school, one of my painting professors said one of the hardest things to do was to know when to stop. Obviously, he’s correct.

While I’m working on things, there’s these points I hit where I think, “I should really stop here.” Then I don’t.

This one here is one where I did. The point here is really early on in the process for me where I’m laying out the structure of the drawing – making sure everything is in the right place so that it gives a good representation of what I’m looking at. I’m making sure things are proportional and framed properly.

Detail of the landscape drawing showing directionality and massing

This point is also where I’m starting to build in the motion and the sorts of hidden direction of what I’m looking at.

In a sense, it’s a sort of abstracted version of what’s really being experienced. I’m liking what’s happening but I’m unsure if I want to continue down this sort of path of landscape drawing. I guess we’ll see where it leads.