Landscape Drawing in Charcoal

Landscape Study

Landscape Drawing in Charcoal

May 19, 2019
250mm x 170mm
Charcoal on Paper

A while ago (ok a loooong while ago) I came across an artist who did these wonderful, large scale charcoal/pencil drawings of landscapes. I didn’t buy one because he was doing quite well for himself, but I bought a book of his work. I’ll have to find it and link to it.

The thing that got me was he obviously had a very good following for what he was doing and it gave me a bit of hope that there might be a greater following for pencil or charcoal drawing artwork out there – far more than what was explained to me when I was in school. Drawing is a fantastic art form and when done well yields some powerful work.

I finally got around to opening up the travel drawing kit I put together a few years ago and the above is the first shot. I forgot how much more connected you become drawing rather than painting. I’m going to work on more examples going forward. Maybe I can get to the point where these will look good in the ‘couch-sized’ format.