Minding  the Gap

Minding the Gap

The portable drawing kit. Should put some Blackwings in there!

It’s certainly been a while since I posted here. I have a bit of work I’d like to put up here and I will in the future.

The elapsed time encompasses a number of things. A bicycle accident that required some real recovery time, to be sure. It also contained some thinking about my own direction on such things. I think the former is on its way to being solved. I’m not so sure about the latter.

A good friend of mine offered the advice that I’m currently following. That’s I’m going to continue forward doing what I’m doing until the proper direction presents itself. As I write it, the advice seems rather Newtonian.

Back to the posts, I’m going to sprinkle in a lot of the stuff that was done across the gap while I move through new stuff. I’m thinking also this place is getting pretty packed with stuff so I might start putting more stuff up for sale online. This will have to be fleshed out a bit more

Hope you continue to enjoy the adventure.