Landscape drawing wide format

Different Formats

Landscape drawing, charcoal on paper

So, I have two sides to me. On one, it’s all this. On the other is a designer.

Towards the end of art school I’d been drifting toward wider format paintings on the abstract side as it fit with what I was going toward.

Half-way through my time as a designer (thus far) I went through the rather far reaching and inclusive change from a predominantly 4:3 aspect ratio world to one that’s generally around 16:9 in format. That all sounds technical but the best way to visualize it is your tube television was 4:3 with a more square screen. Our current LCD/LED/etc televisions are now 16:9 or ‘letter box’ or ‘wide format.’

It’s curious to me that art really hasn’t made a big push to follow suit. From time to time I experiment with it and the above is a drawing pretty close to wide screen. I’m kind of liking it better. thoughts?