Landscape Oil Painting

The Next Painting

Landscape oil painting on canvas
Landscape painting, oil on canvas, 240mm x 190mm

Hot after the last landscape painting. I painted the above.

Just goes to show that artists need to horse around with different methods to make some big improvements – even if that diversion feels like ape-ing other styles.

I think this landscape painting also shows off the inherent blending abilities that oil paints have over acrylic paints. Yes, yes I know there’s all manner of additives that can make acrylics almost exhibit these same qualities. I’m just not a fan (probably just right now) of going down that path when I can get the same, or better, from oil.

Further, I have to say that these are one of those efforts that sorts of lights the way to continue. I think the aspect that jumps out to me most is the areas where hues that are quite a jump from each other still seem to have this ‘halo’ blending that goes a long way to tie the components of the painting together quite well. It’s interesting that it’s (for me) kind of tricky to pull off, the less I think about it, the better the results seem to be.

Otherwise, I am going to have to pay a lot more attention to where brush strokes deaden on the painting in the future.