Knife Painting and Letting Go

Knife Painting and Letting Go

Landscape Painting, 240mm x 190mm, Oil on Canvas

What I like to do from time to time is work with other techniques. Whatever is experienced consciously or unconsciously gets added to the next works. Today is one of those. This was done using the knife rather than the brush.

The process yields this sort of flatness like marble or something that’s really enjoyable. The other aspect I like about painting in this manner is that it makes you deal with what happens instead of trying desperately to make things go exactly to plan.

You end up sort of managing disaster and if it works, then it’s great. The trick is to know that you can’t fix it. If you try to fix it you’ll make it terrible.

You have to let it do its thing until you get the painting that it will be. There’s a lot more skill to it than that, but letting it happen is the philosophical key – sort of the embodiment of Bob Ross’ “Happy Accidents.”