Detail of tonal landscape drawing with charcoal

Moving Tonal Landscapes

Landscape drawing, 330mm, x 260mm, Charcoal on Paper

This piece is another continuation of working in motion. I’m working on that effect by essentially ‘painting’ that motion within the blending process. The goal of this is to again have movement within the landscape drawing, or a sort of passage of time built into the more tonal qualities of the work. Instead of a snapshot of tonal time, I would like to chase the idea that a tonal landscape drawing can be a story – and a story is something that unfolds over a certain period.

The other aspect I’m working on here is to increase the density of the work – sort of give depth with texture – but at a more considered manner. That seems to mean at this point that one has to sort of stack landscape drawings on top of each other to build out the depth. I think there’s more to explore here.